Jeff Zornow


 The legend of the Zornow can be heard murmuring in the back alleys from the seedy underbelly of society. Be it a split personality, possession, or a family curse, he is stricken with violent seizures that drives him into a lucid state of artistic genius. Raised on a steady diet of tokusatsu,  kaiju, and horror, illustrating thus helps exorcise his demons. One thing is for sure, he can draw a mean Godzilla.

Comic book publisher IDW was persistent enough to diligently hunt down the Zornow and convince him to do their bidding and illustrate Toho’s King of Monsters, Godzilla. Since, the Zornow has drawn several issues for Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth, Godzilla: Rage Across Time, and the Godzilla: IDW Era One-Shot. 

His other comic projects include Tyrannosaurus Rex, Day of the Dead: The Rising of Bub, Gene Simmons’ House of Horrors, Vampirella Magazine, Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery, Grimm Fairy Tales, Long Night of the Full Moon, Cryptic Magazine, and Image Comic’s zombie book ’68 (Hardship, Jungle Jim, Rule of War, Guts ‘N Glory). 

Known for creating art for T-shirt companies (such as Fright-Rags and The House of Mysterious Secrets), he also has worked on many film projects. Fright Rags’ #1 selling shirt featured his art depicting the iconic Zombie vs Shark scene from Fulci’s Zombie. It was even featured in the apocalyptic comedy “This Is The End” in 2013. 

The Zornow has also created artwork for various record labels and underground bands including The Misfits, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Blood Freak, Profanatica, Gluttony, Horrific, Kaiju, Calabrese, and Ex Dementia.

He will have several tokusatsu & kaiju art prints and other Zornow madness for sale to corrupt your minds. Beware to those that don’t feed this beast what he desires, for if not, Zornow must be destroyed.