Mystic Cosmic Patrol

Think Reno 911 crossed with Super Sentai-Tokusatsu action and you get Mystic Cosmic Patrol,

Chris Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle) is Jack, The Blue Patrolman and leader of the Mystic Cosmic Patrol. A leader as dysfunctional as the team he tries to lead. Giant Toilet Monsters, Cardboard Cities, model spaceships and a diverse cast of spandex wearing heroes… Infighting, drunkenness, The MCP has it all.

Created and produced by Gavin Hignight, (Nickelodeons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Iron Man: Armored Adventures). Produced by Christopher Doc Wyatt (Napoleon Dynamite, Netflix Stretch Armstrong, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, and many more) Screening and panel on Sunday with some of the cast and crew. There will also be a limited edition print to be signed at the end of the screening and Q&A.

MYSTIC COSMIC PATROL on Funny or Die August 24th. The Kaiju-tastic Tokusatsu parody webseries stars Chris Masterson, Laura Monaco, Tim Jo, Chris Candy, Minai Noji, Chelsea Tavares, Eric Bauza, John Kassir, Tim Russ, Alex Ward, Gavin Hignight, Noah Fleder, Stuart Morales and more! With Kaiju Monster FX from Cig Neutron!

A new short episode weekly starting August 24th.
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