Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago

Born in Tokyo, 1969

A bizarre Manga artist.

Ranging from absurd themed manga and illustration, black humor, erotic, and grotesque. Many of his works are experimental and bizarre. He frequently breaks the fourth wall and he likes to play with the page layout in extreme ways, mostly for comedic effect. He also creates various visual art and merchandise and shows at galleries and events.

Some manga created in Japan…

“Kirin Gaho”, “Kasutoro shiki”, “Koro Koro Soushi”, “Fraction”, “Chou Douryoku Series” etc. Some of these manga has been translated in to Italian, Spanish, French and Taiwanese.

Some manga created for Italy…

“Industrial Revolution and World War”, “TRACT” and “Day of the Flying Head”.

Artbooks published in Japan…

“Girls have a lot of snacks stuffed in their heads” and “Patna Cotta”

Artbook published in France…

“The Art Of Shintaro Kago” vol 1~3

In North America, Kago has had the following published: Secret Comics Japan (Viz Comics), Vice Magazine, Sleazy Slice (Cinema Sewer), and DEMENTIA 21 (Digital Comic Kindle/Android).

Kago designed the album cover artwork for musician Flying Lotus release of “Your Dead!” and provided illustrations for each of the album’s songs, which are featured on the inner sleeves of the vinyl album. This was released in the US in 2014.

He will have books & art for sale and will be taking art commissions at the show.