Jason Liles

Jason Liles was born in Germantown, TN. He had a knack for film making as early as 12 when he began making short films with his older brother. After studying theater in college he moved to New York City and quickly found his niche in tall, non-human roles working as several aliens in Men In Black III with 7-time-Oscar-winner Rick Baker. After moving to Los Angeles, CA he has become known for his work as Ryuk in Netflix’s Death Note and his upcoming role as George the gorilla starring alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the video game adaptation, Rampage, releasing April 20th, 2018.

Panelist Saturday
“Mocap, Monsters and More: The Men Behind Hollywoods Newest Creature Characters

These performers specialize in bringing to life monsters, creatures and non-human characters in video games, film, tv, commercials and virtual reality.
From SPFX makeup prosthetics and custom designed suits to using high tech motion capture technology, these actors have emerged as the next generation of performers in the monster universe.”


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