UltraSeven – Complete Series [Blu-ray]

In the Age of Interplanetary Wars, Earth is in danger from those who would threaten its very existence. From their massive underground complex near Mt. Fuji the Ultra Guard, an elite unit of the Terrestrial Defense Force, stands vigilant as our decisive first-line of defense. But unbeknownst to his teammates, Dan Moroboshi is secretly an extraterrestrial aiding them in their fight to preserve the future of humanity. Dubbed Ultraseven, he aides the Ultra Guard in fighting back alien hordes that would doom the world to conquest.

A far greater threat emerges, though, as Ultraseven sees the consequences of his power: Can he maintain his soul in the face of constant violence, even when that is necessary to protect his newfound friends?

Produced by the creative team behind UltramanUltraseven is the third entry in the Ultra Series. Its science fiction themes range from the cruelty of war to social and racial injustices in the grand tradition of Star Trek and The Twilight ZoneUltraseven features the colossal monsters and spectacular visual effects the Tsuburaya team is known for across the galaxy.

Starring: Koji Moritsugu, Yuriko Hishimi, Shoji Nakayama

Co-Starring: Iyoshi Ishii, Shinsuke Achiha, Bin Furuya

Director: Hajime Tsuburaya, Samaji Nonagase, Kazuho Mitsuta, Toshitsugu Suzuki

Writer: Tetsuo Kinjo, Masahiro Yamada, Shozo Uehara, Shinichi Ichikawa

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